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Tahl's at SF Home. Hunter's at SF Home.
Out is 59.4°, chill 59.4°. Forecast: Rest of today...Partly cloudy in the morning then becoming sunny. Highs in the lower 60s to mid 70s.
Currently, solar generating 412W and SFHome using 1376W of power. 9019Wh of net power was consumed today.
Weight: As of 4/16/2019, weight is 176. BMI is Overweight at 26.8. Need to lose about 1 lbs.
Activity: Need 15min of Weight lifting; on plan for week. Need 5min of Stretching; on plan for week.
Sleep: Actual sleep time last night was 7hrs 14min. Awoke 0 times. Was awake 85 min. Sleep quality was Fair.

Last heard from Hunter today at 02:35. Guestroom occupancy is Occupied.

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4/18/2019 05:53 Cam:
FrontCam  FrontCam  FrontCam  FrontCam  FrontCam  FrontCam  FrontCam  
FrontCam  FrontCam  FrontCam  FrontCam  
4/17/2019 18:26 Cam:
FrontCam  FrontCam  FrontCam  FrontCam  FrontCam  FrontCam  FrontCam  
FrontCam  FrontCam  FrontCam  FrontCam  
4/17/2019 18:25 UPS came to the house
4/17/2019 15:01 Walter and Leigh came to the house
4/16/2019 16:01 Package delivery, for Jake, came to the house
4/16/2019 14:25 PC Buyer came to the house
4/16/2019 14:10 PC Buyer came to the house
4/16/2019 12:05 Blog "From: @tahl_biz..." (see details)
4/16/2019 11:54 Blog "From: @tahl_net..." (see details)
4/13/2019 20:41 Out at Eureka:
Out at Eureka  Out at Eureka  Out at Eureka  
4/12/2019 20:32 Giants baseball:
Giants baseball  
4/12/2019 20:12 Giants baseball:
Giants baseball  Giants baseball  Giants baseball  
4/12/2019 20:10 Giants vs. Rockies:
Giants vs. Rockies  
4/12/2019 19:22 Giants baseball:
Giants baseball  
4/12/2019 18:24 Giants baseball:
Giants baseball  Giants baseball  
4/12/2019 15:02 Blog "From: @tahl_net..." (see details)
4/12/2019 10:19 Blog "From: @tahl_biz..." (see details)
4/8/2019 14:05 Blog "From: @tahl_net..." (see details)
4/8/2019 13:55 Blog "From: @tahl_biz..." (see details)
4/6/2019 23:53 Gris 2-D platformer:
D platformer  
4/6/2019 23:41 Gris 2-D platformer:
D platformer  
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