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Tahl's at SF Home. Hunter's at SF Home.
Out is 49.5°, chill 49.5°. Forecast: Tonight...Clear. Lows in the upper 30s to mid 40s.
Currently, SFHome using 3330W of power. 22072Wh of net power was consumed today.
Weight: As of 2/10/2019, weight is 176.3. BMI is Overweight at 26.8. Need to lose about 1 lbs.
Activity: Need 30min of Weight lifting; behind in weekly plan by 26%. Need 10min of Stretching; behind in weekly plan by 26%. Need 22min of Cardio; behind in weekly plan by 26%.
Sleep: Actual sleep time last night was 7hrs 18min. Awoke 4 times. Was awake 79 min. Sleep quality was Fair.

Last heard from Hunter today at 19:22. Guestroom occupancy is Uncertain.
Recv 3 email(s) today. Sent 3 email(s) today.
2 creations today.

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2/18/2019 13:14 Blog "From: @tahl_biz..." (see details)
2/18/2019 06:02 Cam:
FrontCam  FrontCam  FrontCam  FrontCam  FrontCam  FrontCam  FrontCam  
FrontCam  FrontCam  FrontCam  FrontCam  
2/17/2019 17:23 Blog "Super busy. First week of the month Hunter & I went to New Orleans. ..." (see details)
2/17/2019 16:30 Blog "From: @tahl_net..." (see details)
2/16/2019 22:34 Cam:
FrontCam  FrontCam  FrontCam  FrontCam  FrontCam  FrontCam  FrontCam  
FrontCam  FrontCam  FrontCam  FrontCam  
2/15/2019 14:16 Deliveryperson came to the house
2/14/2019 07:57 Room before my presentation:
Room before my presentation  
2/13/2019 20:03 Tahl logged in at Calgary, AB, Canada
2/13/2019 15:54 Landing in Calgary:
Landing in Calgary  Landing in Calgary  
2/13/2019 11:21 Tahl logged in at Denver airport
2/12/2019 14:54 Bar after users group:
Bar after users group  
2/11/2019 20:04 Tahl logged in at Plano, TX
2/10/2019 14:53 Blog "From: @tahl_net..." (see details)
2/9/2019 09:07 Blog "From: @tahl_biz..." (see details)
2/7/2019 11:57 Blog "From: @tahl_biz..." (see details)
2/5/2019 13:10 Blog "From: @tahl_biz..." (see details)
2/5/2019 08:54 Distributech:
2/5/2019 07:19 Distributech:
2/5/2019 06:55 Distributech:
2/5/2019 06:42 Distributech:
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